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Doomdoom is perpetually frozen in winter. It’s still January there. I think catching up is never going to happen. Nevertheless, I can enjoy the early summer in other towns by vacationing. And so it was that I visited オレンジのひびきの村

I was surprised by the June rain, but I suppose I shouldn’t have been since June is a rainy month. I have been neglecting my DLC, but オレンジ hooked me up with the new Japanese DLC, a つのかくし, a Japanese bridal headpiece. He also had Korean devil horns and a korean soccer pattern shirt in Able's.

Soccer Devils

Of course since we couldn’t really play soccer our play degressed to net whacking and axe thunking. Maybe with the 3DS we’ll have more range in our actions. A girl can dream.

Soccer Net Play?

I met all sorts of villagers in ひびき。Violet, who is interested in fashion (and sadly lacking in fashion sense), Iggly the penguin, Whitney the wolf, and my personal favorite: Lucky! I’m glad he’s found such a pretty town to call home.


Squirt, as usual, saved the day by giving me a Guard Helmet and Guard Uniform that I missed. I’m almost caught up on DLC again I think. Ok, I tell a lie. After checking I find that I’m missing the egg TV, kimbap plate, Kintaro wig, Kintaro apron, school cap, white school cap and Gracie dresser. ww

Strange Brides + Guard

I missed you AC! I can’t wait for 3DS AC and Doomdoom can live again in 3D glory.

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Glückliches Neues Jahr!

Heyyyy! Yourself DriftContrary to expectations, I did not wallow in bed on New Yearᰱs day. I got up and watered flowers like a good little citizen (maybe it’s my resolution, maybe not). My mailbox had a few letters from townies wishing me a good year. I was surprised to find them considering I didn’t get a single birthday card. I guess I’m getting a little more popular.

Hooray! No moving, Clyde!

Better friends means more swag, right Clyde?

Yup :)

She’s so cute!

Tortimer was hobbling out in front of town hall handing out limited edition T-shirts. I snagged one. It had a picture of a tiger on the front (since it is the year of the tiger in the Chinese zodiac) and proudly displayed 2010 across the back. I decided to be even more of a good citizen, so I woke everyone else up and made them join in the holiday cheer (and snag their shirts).

New socks are good...

Hooray for socks?

Carmen is so conflicted

Do you think Dr. Shrunk could help her?

I told Vella about Mitzi, our new resident and she ran over and introduced herself. Mitzi is as friendly as she is cute. Her house can’t quite make up its mind what style it wants to be, cabana or blue. I think it would be funny to send her all the blue furniture because it matches her blue markings. But then I might lose her in there…

It's the looks just like Locke's

The next day was Saturday and I actually caught K.K.’s act. Lobo was hanging out in the Roost as well, so we had a nice little chat about coffee. We agree on most points, but he doesn’t think I’m old enough to chug coffee and thinks that I should water it down. Eww.

I agree

Then K.K. started to play and the lights dimmed so we sat and listened to his depressing rendition of K.K. Dirge. Lobo dug it.

Lobo is grooving to K.K. Dirge
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Decemberish to New Year

We’ll just pretend I haven’t been conspicuously absent of late shall we?

So, Jingle came to town. I wasn’t in my usual good cheer because that day Maple dropped the bomb that she was moving. The nerve! Right in time to ruin my holiday!

I'm devastated, maple

Needless to say I hunted for “the chubby guy” as Spork calls Jingle without much enthusiasm. I managed to scare him up several times. I halfheartedly switched costumes to fool him. I managed to get about half of the jingle set. I gave up after receiving my third jingle shelf. Jingle’s false promises that I was “ going to love what you find inside!” were grating on my nerves.

Wrong Girl

The next few days were pretty lackluster. I didn’t make snowmen. I just moped around in my Maple-free town. Clyde got sick and I made it my mission to nurse him back to health. I brought him medicine each day (worrying that I would open the door to find him dead in there!)

They're super germs Clyde!

The week passed and there was no new resident to take Maple’s place—like there could be!

Just as I was giving up hope, New Year’s eve arrived and I noticed a new house on the map. It was next to Rocco’s house on the hill overlooking the pansy alcove. I rushed over to say hello before joining in the New Year’s festivities. I walked in to find Mitzi a delightful little blue cream point siamese. She’s not exactly Maple, but she’s adorable! I can’t wait to get to know her! (and put a tracking device around her ankle so she can’t bail on me!)

Mitzi is Doomdoom's newest resident She's cute!

My step was noticeable springier after meeting Mitzi. So much so that I decided to hang with Tortimer for the New Year’s countdown.

“There’s not much time left in this year! Any loose ends left to tie up? any resolutions left to make? Are you SURE you don’t need to use the bathroom?!” he asked hopping from one leg to another. I was afraid I might witness an accident, so I decided I had a bit of time left, about 20 minutes actually, I would go see how the rest of the village was doing.

only a little?

Eloise is nervous.


Carmen wants big sparkly eyes???

Either 8 or 6 depending on direction, Rocco

Rocco needs night school.

backing away drift...

Drift has superhuman end-of-year powers…


Lobo is letting go.

Soon Clyde

Clyde needs a nap.

Very Soon!

Margie needs to visit Brewster and bring Clyde.

I came back just in time for the countdown (party poppers in hand!). We counted down and at the turn of the year I set off my party popper and watched the night sky erupt in a dazzling display of fireworks. Tonight’s fireworks were even more spectacular against the blue moon—which, it turns out is not actually blue in color, but the second full moon in a month.

35... New Year's Wishes Happy New Year! Blue Moon & Fireworks


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Fedora Chair

Just a quick note to say that I received my Fedora Chair today. If you need it, let me know and I can either mail it or set up a time to meet and give it to you.

Not Pleased

I didn’t know there was such a thing as hat day. I still think it’s sketchy because wikipedia redirects me to some strange canadian page. Maybe Nintendo is trying to slip us a fast one. Regardless, they sent us this odd hat chair. At first I was annoyed because it most certainly does not fit in with Locke’s café decor, but then I thought maybe Locke needs to turn her basement into the mad hatters. I mean, we have gotten some really cool hats and masks. We’ll see.

The letter Nintendo sent along with the chair is as follows:

Dear Locke,

Got a bad case of bed
head? You’re in luck,
because it’s Hat Day!
Stand next to this Fedora
chair and no one will even
notice your scruffy hair!


I think they may have installed surveillance cameras in my house… eeep!

Side View

また明日ね!—I mean it, I’m really going to try to blog tomorrow!

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25 October, 2009

I sent Locke into the fray today to intercept Pete’s propaganda mailings. She failed me.

Don’t listen to Vella. She called me in the middle of a nap. I stepped outside and got a migraine. Pete was there yelling at me. The Flea Market had just started and was blaring its self important announcement and my mailbox was blinking and beeping. I thought I was going to have a seizure.

blinking beeping yelling

My pockets were full. Pete looked disappointed. I’ll get the propaganda poster later.

I thought the least I could do to make it up to Vella was to water. So I did. I ran into Carmen who still wants a fossil. I can’t help her either.

Pippy was raving about someone wearing her clothes. WTF? I don’t know why that bunny is always having nervous breakdowns. She needs some prozac.

omg! Noooooo

All in all, nothing much happened. I didn’t take part in the Flea Market because I had zero notice. I didn’t get my poster. I bought a red candy from Nook. That was the highlight of my day. Oh, and I taught Gladys to say “candycandy” because I’m really looking forward to Halloween.

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24 October 2009

As some of you know, my beloved 12 year old cat had a stroke and had to be put to sleep on 26 October. Exactly a week later I got married in Mexico. To say my routines have been disrupted is an understatement, but I am back (it's actually 9 November 2009—I backdate. Sue me.) I’ll attempt to blog a little as I slowly catch up.

Nintendo Letter!

I wasn’t expecting Pete when I walked outside. He handed me a parcel from Nintendo (why do they always need delivery confirmations?) and then walked away. I opened it and pulled out an election poster. I didn’t even know it was election time again. The enclosed letter read:

Dear Vella,

It’s that time of the year
again when we rally around
our favorite candidate and
try to wrangle up more
votes. In this town, the
choice is clear!


The choice is clear. Tortimer for Doomdoom supreme dictator!

I didn’t mingle much with the townies, but Spork was chasing me with puppy dog eyes (how a pig manages that is beyond me). I stopped to listen to his sob story. A bellyache and a ton of banana bread later and he was out of cash! I gave him a few bells for the trinket he offered me and sent him on his way.

A fool and his money are soon parted, Spork

Then I watered.

Curly who promised to move out what seems like an ice age ago is still here. What’s worse, he hasn’t even begun to pack.

Carmen wants a Ptera Skull. She’s so out of luck. I try to get my bff whatever she wants, but asking for specific fossils when my pockets are full and the watering can is superglued to my hand is just not nice.

A little later I caught Lobo questioning Spork about his deep thoughts. Spork is out there. Way out there. I like him better than Curly…but I still want him to leave next.

I so doubt it
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Fun at the Marquee

I know it’s been a while since I posted. Consistency is not my forte. I have a lot of back posts I could make about the Pile of Leaves, the Celebration Hats, Explorer Day, etc. But, I don’t know if I’ll get to them. I did take pictures of all of the events. I’m pretty reliable about posting pictures on Flickr. It’s just the writing about them part that’s hard.

I did have a pretty good day today despite the fact that I have not yet received the second Nintendog EUDLC. I know that Squirt has my back.

Pippy, one of my favorite longtime residents of Doomdoom, is trying to move! Both Vella and I have told her no, but she is still on the (backyard) fence about it. I may enlist Grebo and Nikki to try and talk her out of it because my stink eye is clearly not very effective. Last week we lost Pierce and he was replaced by Spork. I can’t handle another sudden move (Pierce wouldn’t let me talk him out of going)!

Pippy is Trying to Decide when to move. I say, NO!

After doing the usual chores watering a bazillion flowers (how does Vella do it every day?!) I stopped in to check on Carmen. She was very sick a couple days ago and Vella and I took turns bringing her medicine.

Today she was doing great, but didn’t give me any sort of present for haphazardly looking after her. See if I bring you mop water flavored medicine next time Carmen!

Carmen Recovered from H1N1

I’ve taken over visiting the city on Wednesdays since Vella can’t be bothered and has everything. (I don’t think I like her). I think Kapp’n hit on me, but I just give him (and everyone else) the stink eye. He should know better than to mess with the Doomdoom ninja.

I stopped in at Redd&8217;s shop first. I never know what I’ll find there— or if it will be legit. Today he had the Famous Painting. Doomdoom’s museum is complete, so I don’t need it, nor do I know if it’s legit, but if anyone wants to test their luck with it, drop me a comment.

I also bought his classic clock. It was overpriced, but my catalog is full of holes. I left the deer scare. I’ve had one of those in my basement for ages. I find it more soothing than scary…

If I didn't have it it would soothe mine too

My biggest shock today was to find Frillard filling in at the Marquee. I saw him listed for inspiration and I quickly bought a ticket. This is only the second time in recorded Doomdoom history that Frillard has appeared at the Marquee.

I took my seat and the red curtains parted revealing the aged comedian. “Ready for a thrill?” he hissed, flaring his frill. “Then Frillard’s classic shtick will do the trick! Now, I’d like complete silence as I begin…” FRILLARD!

I was the only person in the theater, so I think he was being a little melodramatic. I hadn’t even coughed.

“Prepare to see emotion in motion! You shall now see inspiration in the very air!” He paused and looked a little confused. “Uhh… Now, what was I going to do?I had a great scene that I just thought of……Oh no…Oh! That’s right! Oh, wait, no! Lost it again! It’s curtains for me!”

And it was! The curtain closed on him. I left feeling a little more embarrassed than inspired.

But once out on the street I harnessed my newfound inspiration and thought of… something…Now what was it?… I think it had something to do with kidnapping Stitches and booting Curly or Spork…

Inspiration Strikes at the Strangest Moments
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I told you I couldn’t stay away. There was not one, but two DLC released this week. One of them was released in Europe, a Dirndl, a traditional german dress (just in time for Oktoberfest!) and a complete outfit was released in Japan with the 「あかいだいこくぼう」 and the complementary 『あかいちゃんちゃんこ」.

For once I did not oversleep! I got up and ran to check the gate. There were three people in Shaolin! I hopped from foot to foot waiting for Copper to get the paperwork in order so I could cross the border. I emerged and found out that the party was over at the Able Sisters. ちょこまる was just adding the pattern to the able sisters well-stocked shelves. Squirt picked up a copy as did I (I snagged the Dirndl while I was at it). The party headed back over to the gate (the gate is like AC’s kitchen, all parties end up there) whereupon we ran around playing net attack, water your neighbor, and off with their head!—the usual.

Net attack!

Not only did I get the two international DLC, but Squirt also had presents for me, the moving painting and the scenic painting. Her friend Herito wrangled them up for me. Thank you so much guys! Those were the last two paintings I needed to complete my museum. After the party broke up (it was late in 日本 and early for me lol) I took my two paintings over to Blathers. I handed him the moving painting. He was grateful for the donation. Then I whipped out the scenic painting and he was elated!

“Woo hoo hoo! I do believe the painting collection is complete at long last! Marvelous. Just marvelous!” he clapped (or tried to with his wings) “You have the museum’s undying gratitude, wot? Congratulations!”

He paused for a moment admiring the museum’s catalog and then he realization dawned on him: “This means…each and every collection is complete?! Hoo! WOO HOOTIE HOO!” He radiated pride. “We are now a museum of the highest order! I am simply awash with pride. Awash, I say! Ah, of course, it is through the hard work of many that we have reached this lofty peak. Quite right! Congratulations to one and all on this glorious accomplishment! Hoo!” Completed museum!

I had to go visit my new additions and swoon over their beauty.

Moving Painting

Vella in her new red celebration garb in front of the moving painting

Scenic Painting

Vella admiring the scenic painting

I anxiously awaited a token from the museum for my “generous patronage” It arrived in the mail this morning (unlike my package from, which still hasn’t gotten here. Maybe Pete is more reliable…) I digress.

My Dear Vella,

It is with great pleasure
that I announce that all
exhibits at this museum
have been completed. Hoo!
To celebrate, please accept
this commemorative gift!

Blathers, Museum Curator

Museum Model!!

This isn’t it’s permanent location, but I was so excited to get this model that I had to put it somewhere.

Clyde is wearing a dirndl. Go tranny horse go!

I went on to complete my daily chores. I had to giggle when I came across Clyde prancing around Doomdoom wearing a dirndl and hefting a shovel (trying to look manly in a german dress). LOL.

The next japanese DLC comes out on 10/3. I’ll be back then to report. Until then, maybe Locke will remember to post her stories.


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GameCube Dresser

Locke here.

This morning I opened my front door and found Pete staring in my window. I wasn’t expecting him, though I guess I should have been since today commemorates the anniversary of the release of the original animal crossing on the gamecube way back in 2002.

The letter he carried came from his usual VIP client: Nintendo.

Gamecube Dresser Letter

Attached was a GameCube Dresser. It’s really cute, and looks just like the old system. It’s downfall is that you can’t put it on tables (the story of my furniture life). I would have been slightly more excited about this gift if the Brits hadn’t gotten the exact same present a few weeks ago. Naturally because of my connections I already had one.

But you can’t look a gift present in the mouth, and since Nintendo’s delivery has been spotty at best, I thank them for their timeliness.

Tomorrow is “City Day” Cross your fingers that Redd has one of the two paintings I need!